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PhotoImpact Pro 11.0

View, modify and share your images, apply an extensive set of filters
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Sort, manipulate, manage, and share your photos. Pick from over 250 effects to apply to your images, use 3D text, graphics, and morphing tools. Fix white balance, apply over a thousand scrapbook embellishments, and use the SmartRemove Scene Compositor to combine the best items taken from multiple images.

PhotoImpact Pro 11 is a complete set of image editing tools for digital photographers, Web Site creators and graphic artists who want outstanding results. It is a medium cost image-editing package that will allow you to produce very professional results for a wide range of uses. PhotoImpact Pro takes you every step of the way from transferring and organizing photos to enhancing and sharing images. It has a dynamic range engine (High Dynamic Range) to re-create the realistic tonal ranges perceived by the human eye. The High Dynamic Range feature compensates for a camera system’s limitations. For your more common image correction needs, there is “ExpressFix”. ExpressFix is a timesaving tool that provides quick fixes to the more common digital photo problems such as color cast, unbalanced exposure, out-of-focus conditions, red-eye and more. It also includes excellent JPEG and GIF optimization capabilities, the capability to import vector graphics created in Adobe Illustrator, and a host of other features. PhotoImpact Pro makes it easy to get creative. You can design logos and other graphics with advanced text and 3D features or produce original works with a full set of painting and drawing tools. Also PhotoImpact Pro provides tools for web graphics, animation and even complete web pages. It also contains JavaScript effects. There is so much you can do - you can improve old, browned/yellowed photos into real black-and-white pictures; create banners, awards, linking buttons; change the picture's blue sky into a reddish color as if it was sunset; adding several images from other pictures; there are frames for photos and images; and much, much more. This product comes with 500 page guide, video tutorials, and photo object collection.

Julia Galygo
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  • Powerful
  • Functional
  • A lot of effects and tools
  • Comes with bonuses inside


  • Difficult to master
  • Slow startup
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